Friday, August 19, 2016

Rio Olympics

So the Rio Summer Olympics are soon coming to a close. After so much controversy and dread over whether they'd be ready- somehow they seemed to pull it off. Sure, there was some trouble in the village in Australians' quarters early on but it was apparently rectified.

Zika? Seems to be more of a problem in Florida right now.

I thought it was a good Olympics. Let me preface my comments by saying a certain American swimmer is a goofball and I hope the rest of the world doesn't judge us by his actions.

My favorite Rio Olympics moments?

 Of course the Final Five. Such domination. These young ladies are so accomplished, so dedicated,   so determined. They compete with the poise of someone far beyond their years. Then they dissolve into hysterical giggles when they meet Zac Efron and you're reminded of how young they really are.

 Kerri Walsh Jennings. Already three golds in beach volleyball. She cruised through these Olympic games with absolute positivity, high fiving her partner, the referees, even her opponents when they'd change ends. She had to be crushed when she didn't make it to her fourth gold medal game, but she fought hard for the bronze and was thrilled to win it.

 Usain Bolt. Incredible how he can run a sprint and not have anyone even close to him when he crosses the line.

 Katie Ledecky. The Usain Bolt of distance swimming. Creating new world records just because she feels like it.

 Michael Phelps. The greatest that ever was. He overcame some struggles and ended his swimming career the way he wanted to. Maybe he could give some advice to one of his teammates.

 There were the "professionals"- golf, tennis, basketball. They looked happy to win, but they are "professional".

 My favorite moment, what I'll remember most from the Rio Olympics, is the medal ceremony for the men's 4 X 100 meter freestyle. It was Michael Phelps' first gold medal in Rio and Ryan Held's first gold medal ever. His first international race ever. And he won the gold. When Held stood with his 3 fellow swimmers to receive his gold medal and the American flag rose as the National Anthem played, he was overcome. Everything he'd worked his whole life for had come to fruition and he'd won a gold medal along with the greatest swimmer of all time. I was caught up in his emotion and nearly cried along with him.

The Olympic spirit personified in Ryan Held. The moment I will always remember.