Saturday, July 29, 2017

Fear and Loathing in America

Ever since election night 2016, I have to say I've merely abhorred the idea of Donald Trump as President. Of the United States.

I'll be the first to admit that having a businessman in the highest office in the land has never seemed like a bad idea to me. But this businessman? Who's declared bankruptcy four times? Who lies every time he opens his mouth? Who's a sexual predator? Has shady dealings with Russian oligarchs? Who needs to have his ego stroked every ten seconds? Needs instant gratification? Is a bully? Who pits those who work for him against each other to curry his favor? Who has the emotional temperament of five year old? Who knows less about politics and governing than I do?

No. Not this businessman. Not this reality television personality. Not this guy who believes he can do whatever he wants without consequence. Not this guy who brags about all his presidential achievements when they literally number zero.

Yes, I loathed the thought of Donald Trump a my president. I, like many political pundits, believed it might not be a total disaster if Trump surrounded himself with good people. At first, he sorta did. At least some of the folks on his team had a clue about how Washington worked.

I might not agree with those people, but they know what to do. What not to do. How to behave.

And that was their downfall. James Comey, Reince Preibus, Jeff Sessions, Sean Spicer. They've done their jobs in an admirable way, a respectful way, an appropriate way. Their crime? They didn't pledge loyalty and allegiance to the mad man running our country. As a result, Trump has trolled them on Twitter. He's humiliated them, called them disgusting names.

And now they're dropping like flies. In comes Scaramucci, a man who chooses his opportunity in the limelight with Trump over his marriage. A man who once called Trump a political hack. Who's acting like a mob enforcer. All because he wants to be on T.V.

And Trump values that quality over everything. Being a brute. Seeking attention. Fighting for Trump's approval. That's how you get ahead in this administration.

So now those people who could show Trump how to be an actual leader are dropping like flies. Now all we have is John Kelly, the new chief of staff. By all reports, Kelly is a straight shooter, a man of honor, a patriot. They say he doesn't suffer fools. Well, he's got his work cut out for him now.

Yes. So far, it's just been loathing. Now I have the fear. Trump has suffered yet another setback with his failure to repeal Obamacare. You can actually feel it coming off of him, that desperate need for a win.

He's tweeting more crazily than ever. His desire to prove something to us, his foes, Obama, Hilary, is driving him more insane than he already is.

I fear that he is going to do something. Something that by anyone's standards would be madness, just to prove a point. Just to show he's the president and he can do whatever he wants. He cares not one little shit how it would affect American citizens. All he cares about is himself.

Who will stop him?

Robert Mueller- do your job right but please do it quickly.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

King of Clay

A year ago at this time, I wrote a post about Novak Djokovic and whether he was the greatest tennis player of all time.

At that time, Novak held all four grand slam titles in a row. In what they call the "open era" that is an amazing thing.

But since then, Novak has had some troubles. He certainly looks fit, still plays with his customary gutsy brilliance most of the time. Those in the know say most of his troubles are between his ears. Maybe so. I have no doubt he'll be back.

In the meantime, can we talk about my favorite player, Rafa Nadal? He's called the King of Clay and with very good reason. Today he completed "la decima", his 10th French Open title.

10th. Unbelievable. Unheard of.

Nadal's greatness on clay is equaled by his humility. One never gets the sense that he believes in the hype around him. He always has respect for his opponent, whether that player is the number one seed or no seed at all.

He plays hard on every point, no matter the score. As far as his temperament on court, he is essentially unflappable.

In today's age of grandstanding super star athletes, Nadal is refreshing at the least. At the most, he is the ideal role model--a man deserving of his success achieved by hard work and dedication to his sport.

Nadal was always going to be in the running for the "GOAT" of tennis. His tenth French Open title today more than cements his position.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

At Second Sight

Now in paperback! My first book, At Second Sight, is available at Amazon in actual print!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Of Meryl Streep and the President-Elect

I don't know Meryl Streep but I love her work. She gives flawless performances in all her movies. She is one of those rare actors who seem to dissolve into their roles. You watch her and she is no longer Meryl Streep acting, she is Karen Silkwood. She's Isak Dinesen, Suzanne Vale, Miranda Priestly, Julia Child, Margaret Thatcher.


No, I don't know Meryl Streep but she appears to be a good person. Kind. Warm. Funny. Smart.

Now, I'm one of those people who immediately bristles when a celebrity takes the opportunity of an awards show to spout out an opinion. Of course every American has the right to express their views. I've just always felt it was unfair that celebrities automatically have a huge ready made audience to speak (preach) to.

And yet, when I watched the Golden Globes the other night and Meryl Streep began to express her opinion I wanted to stand up and cheer. She didn't just speak of her incredulity at some of the PEOTUS's remarks and actions. She says she was stunned. Broken hearted.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It was perfect. Well almost perfect. I agree with Trevor Noah-it was a speech about respect and inclusion. She probably should have left out the dis on football and the mixed martial arts.
Almost perfect.

And then.......Well of course we should have seen it coming. PEOTUS and his Twitter account. Meryl Streep is one of the most over-rated actresses of all time.

Really? First of all, Meryl Streep is arguably THE GREATEST actor of all time. Second, learn to listen to criticism or just ignore it and focus on running the country.

Maybe go to your intelligence briefings instead of formulating policy based on what "you're hearing".

Stop ridiculing the disabled, Mexicans, Muslims, women, African Americans.

Start behaving with the dignity the office deserves.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Next Year is Here

Yes, it happened.

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

I have been a life long fan. As a very...very...young girl I remember watching Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Billy Williams. Those were good days. Daytime baseball at Wrigley. Jack Brickhouse.
"Hey Hey!" flashing on the television screen every time there was a home run.

Now I know "Go Cubs Go" is the song of the day, but I'll always be a "Hey, Hey, Holy Mackerel" girl. No doubt about it.

Then there were some lean years until the mid 80s. Harry Caray. Holy Cow. Dustin to Sandberg to Grace.
I went to Mesa for spring training- have a baseball signed by Rick Sutcliffe, Keith Moreland, Leon Durham, Jody Davis, Scott Sanderson. They came close. The NLCS against the Padres. Dang that Steve Garvey. Then Leon Durham...Well. It wasn't meant to be.

1988. 8/8/88 to be precise. The first night game at Wrigley. Gone were the days of playing every day under a sweltering humid afternoon in Chicago. Well, it was supposed to be 8/8/88. In typical Cubs fashion, the game was rained out in the fourth inning by a powerful thunderstorm. So 8/9/88 was the first official night game. Not as catchy, but what can you do.

They flirted with greatness over the ensuing years- came close but never quite pulled it off.

Then along came the Ricketts. Die hard Cubs fans themselves, they were dedicated to turning the Lovable Losers into contenders.

And they did it. Brought on Theo Epstein. Then Joe Maddon.

They did it.

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. They were down but never out. There were so many times I thought it was over. Again in typical Cubs fashion, I nearly gave up. Shut off the television.

So happy I didn't. Every time it looked like it was over, they rallied. These were a Chicago Cubs unlike any other. A Chicago Cubs team who didn't give up. They played their game. Opposite field hits. Stolen bases. Suicide squeezes.

Yes they did it. They won it all. Celebrated the win in Cleveland. Came home for a parade and rally that attracted the largest non-religious, non-funereal gathering in human history.

Well deserved I'd say. A once in a lifetime opportunity. I know- sports geeks say the Cubs could have many World Series victories in their immediate future.

We'll see. I'm a Cubs fan after all.

Monday, October 17, 2016

If Not Now When?

I am a Cubs fan. The Chicago Cubs.

Other than a couple brushes with greatness in the late 60s and mid 80s, the Cubs have been perennial losers in my lifetime.

But still...I love the Cubs. I've watched them through the lean years--such is the burden of the Cubs fan.

So the past couple years have been a delight. It's a revelation--having hope for a comeback when the Northsiders are down by 2 in the 8th. Not too long ago I would have switched the channel. Down by 2 in the 8th? It's over.

No longer. Now I'm in disbelief if they don't come back and win. It's almost not fair. After so many years of low expectations, I now have hope.

But dang, along with the hope, now comes anxiety. The Cubbies are in the NLCS. Against the Dodgers. They've split the first two games at home. I know it's a seven game series. It's so far from over.

But I'm a Cubs fan. The Chicago Cubs. Who haven't won a World Series in 108 years.

I know they have the best record in the MLB this year. There's no reason to think they won't continue to play well. Win the NLCS. Dare I say it--win the World Series?

But I'm a Cubs fan. It's in our genes to think: "Well, it's not meant to be."

But no. I'm going to stay positive. I'm going to expect that they'll play well and win the NLCS. The World Series.

If Not Now, When?