Monday, June 30, 2014

Yahoo and Tennis

This is generally a good sports time of year for me. I'm a huge tennis fan and the French Open is over- Vamos Rafa Nadal!!!- and we are now in the midst of Wimbledon.

Having said that, all year long when I open my Yahoo page, I search for tennis related articles. Yahoo now realizes that I am interested in all things tennis. So much so, that I now find tons of tennis articles front and center every time I look at Yahoo. Most of the time, I'm okay with that.

However, now as the French and Wimbledon matches are aired early in the morning and/or when I'm at work, my DVR quickly fills with grand slam action. I have to wait until evening to watch.

Try as I might to stay away from TV and radio during the day, I find it nearly impossible to stay off the Internet. I won't even be thinking about it and my home page comes up and the first article states glaringly: "Djokovic moves on" or "Federer out" or "Nadal is French Champion". It makes me want to scream. Ruins my day every time.

How can I make Yahoo think that I really hate tennis during the Slams?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

On writing and soccer

It's Sunday afternoon and I should be writing. I have a full time job and on Sunday afternoons I should be writing.
Usually I would pay some bills instead. Do some laundry. Even clean the house.
But today, I have soccer. No: "futbol". The last time I watched a soccer game was when the American women won the Worlds Cup final against China and there was the now infamous Brandy Chastain sports bra episode.
I am not a soccer fan. I don't get it. You can kick the ball and bounce it off your head, but no hands? And tell me, why the time clock? The ball goes out of bounds and the clock runs. The ball is kicked into the stands out of play and the clock runs. A goal is scored and a celebration goes on forever and the clock runs?
I don't get it. Yet, here I am on a late Sunday afternoon watching the USA team play Portugal.
All so I don't have to write.

U-S-A    U-S-A   U-S-A   U-S-A  U-S-A   U-S-A

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hi everyone!
Not long ago, I published my first book, At Second Sight.

Jennifer Riordan was born to wealthy parents and a life of privilege in the sheltered haven of Chicago’s North Shore. A student of art, she wants for nothing but the proverbial home in the suburbs with a husband to love and care for her and a houseful of children. Always a good girl, Jennifer was inclined to see the same in others. Her twin sister, Melissa, was Jennifer’s exact opposite—a sexy rebel, confident and fearless.

With a burgeoning career at the Art Institute and a handsome fiancĂ©, Jennifer’s life seems to be moving directly on course. But her safe, idyllic existence is shattered when Melissa is brutally murdered. The police are unable to find the killer and Jennifer struggles to move on. Unfortunately, it is only the first in a line of tragic events that cause her to question her judgment and fear for her own safety. Jennifer finds herself thrust into the media glare and, as a result, becomes the unwitting object of obsession for the same man who murdered her twin sister. Along the way, Jennifer discovers that some of the people she trusted and thought she knew well have betrayed her.

You can check it out for your kindle:

Or for your nook:

If you buy it and like it, leave me a review!!