Friday, April 8, 2016

Next year is finally here?

Next year is finally here?

Just two days ago that statement would have been followed by a righteous exclamation point. Now it's a question mark.

A lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, I've been positively giddy at the prospects for our season. And I'm not the only one. This year, everyone's talking about the Cubs. The loaded roster, the perfect manager at the right time, the President of Baseball Operations who's made good on his promise to turn around the ball club.

Then of course there's the fans. It's been over a hundred years since the Cubs have won the World Series and the fans keep coming. Whether it's the love of the game or the prospect of a sunny afternoon at the ball park, the fans keep coming. It's a testament to their loyalty, to the belief that hope truly does spring eternal. 

It has to happen some day. Why not now?

Indeed. Why not now?

Here's the thing. The Cubs were off to a 3-0 start, their first in over 20 years. Then there was the injury. Kyle Schwarber and Dexter Fowler in a scary outfield collision. ACL injury for Schwarber and the end of a season before it had scarcely begun.

This Schwarber kid seems like a good guy. Big and burly, he has such power as to make his name a verb. As in, if you achieve something with a definitive power then you really "Schwarbered" it.

Poor guy. A season of expectations and now he has to sit on the sidelines. In the dugout. Whatever.

It would be easy to say "here we go again". I mean, it's always something. A black cat, the curse of the billy goat, the foul ball interference from the poor man who shall not be named.

But no. No.

Despite the fact that I should know better, I refuse to give in. 

I still believe. 

Schwarber's out for the season? Okay. Next man up. Move on. I mean, I feel bad for the guy but this is our destiny.

The time is now. The place is Wrigley Field. In the words of Theo Epstein: "24 hours ago, I thought we were really well positioned to win in large part because of Kyle's presence on the team, and now we're really well positioned to win for Kyle".

Okay. I'm in.

Next year is finally here!!!!!

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