Monday, June 30, 2014

Yahoo and Tennis

This is generally a good sports time of year for me. I'm a huge tennis fan and the French Open is over- Vamos Rafa Nadal!!!- and we are now in the midst of Wimbledon.

Having said that, all year long when I open my Yahoo page, I search for tennis related articles. Yahoo now realizes that I am interested in all things tennis. So much so, that I now find tons of tennis articles front and center every time I look at Yahoo. Most of the time, I'm okay with that.

However, now as the French and Wimbledon matches are aired early in the morning and/or when I'm at work, my DVR quickly fills with grand slam action. I have to wait until evening to watch.

Try as I might to stay away from TV and radio during the day, I find it nearly impossible to stay off the Internet. I won't even be thinking about it and my home page comes up and the first article states glaringly: "Djokovic moves on" or "Federer out" or "Nadal is French Champion". It makes me want to scream. Ruins my day every time.

How can I make Yahoo think that I really hate tennis during the Slams?

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