Sunday, June 22, 2014

On writing and soccer

It's Sunday afternoon and I should be writing. I have a full time job and on Sunday afternoons I should be writing.
Usually I would pay some bills instead. Do some laundry. Even clean the house.
But today, I have soccer. No: "futbol". The last time I watched a soccer game was when the American women won the Worlds Cup final against China and there was the now infamous Brandy Chastain sports bra episode.
I am not a soccer fan. I don't get it. You can kick the ball and bounce it off your head, but no hands? And tell me, why the time clock? The ball goes out of bounds and the clock runs. The ball is kicked into the stands out of play and the clock runs. A goal is scored and a celebration goes on forever and the clock runs?
I don't get it. Yet, here I am on a late Sunday afternoon watching the USA team play Portugal.
All so I don't have to write.

U-S-A    U-S-A   U-S-A   U-S-A  U-S-A   U-S-A

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