Thursday, January 1, 2015

To sleep...

Yeah, I know. It's New Year's Day. 2015. A new chapter. Time to bid farewell to the past and look forward to the future. Time to ditch bad habits and make improvements. Time to take better care of ourselves.

So you'd think my post today would be about New Year's and all the changes I intend to make so that 2015 will be my best year ever.

Guess again. This is what I want to talk about.

What does it say about me that the best part of my day is when I get to go to sleep at night?

I know, this is a busy time of year. The holidays are fun, but with them comes parties, shopping for presents, putting up decorations, taking them down. It's time to get together with friends and family. There's driving long distances, bad weather. Stress.
And of course there's the food. And more food. Then a little bit more. And wine. I eat and drink everything in sight and only feel worse because of it.

It would only make sense that lately when I lie down at night to sleep, I thank my lucky stars. A chance for peace and quiet. Time to rest the body and mind. I have to do it. I tell myself that anyway. In order to make it through the busy days of November and December.

But really I'm just kidding myself. It's not something new. It's not related to the busy holidays.

Every night before bed, I take the dog out to do her business. The minute she's back inside she runs to the bedroom to stake out her spot. I join her and pick up a book to read a few pages before sleep. Ridley cuddles up next to me and soon I hear her soft snoring. I read until I can no longer keep my eyes open- usually just a chapter or two. I flick off the lights and lay down. Get comfortable. A few thoughts flit through my mind before drifting off. Then I'm out.

It's a ritual. One I look forward to more than any other part of my day. So what does that say about me?
Is it a coping mechanism? I can lose the worries of the day in darkness. It could be that when I'm lying in bed, there's nothing else I should be doing. My only goal for the foreseeable future is sleep.

Or maybe I'm just tired and my heated mattress pad covered bed is so warm and comfy.

It's probably a combination of all of the above. But whatever it is, it is. And I have no idea what that says about me.

And oh yeah. This year I resolve to drink more water.

And write every day.

Happy New Year!!

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