Monday, August 4, 2014

Breaking Bad

I tried.

I really tried.

When it originally aired, friends told me it was a great show. But I could never remember when it was on. Or what station it was on. There was always some other, probably inane but popular, show that was on. Something that was easier to watch and didn't take much thought or involvement.

Who wants to watch a show about a dying chemistry teacher who decides to cook and sell meth so that he can provide for his family? Can anyone say "dark" or "depressing"? I didn't get it. How could such a television program be good?

Then came the critical acclaim. Emmys for the stars. Bryan Cranston. Love Bryan Cranston. Ever since he was Tim Whatley, Jerry Seinfeld's dentist. Still, I didn't watch. And I'd already missed the first couple of seasons. It was too late. Even if I wanted to watch a show about a meth cooking chemistry teacher. And I didn't.

Everyone was talking about it. The talk shows, the entertainment magazines. How would it end? I'd hear cryptic things like "Heisenberg" and "bitch" and "better call Saul". What did it mean? I didn't care.  I wasn't going to watch it. The final episode was going to air.

So we come to today. Netflix is going to air the final episodes of The Killing, a personal favorite of mine. It was on AMC, which as it turns out is the same station that aired Breaking Bad. Three days ago I signed up for the free month of Netflix with every intention of watching only the last six episodes of The Killing and then canceling my membership.

Since then, I've been binging on Breaking Bad and I haven't seen a single episode of The Killing. I'm into the third season now and I've been assured by those in the know that it's just starting to get good in the third season. I can't imagine it. I'm hooked.

So now I am something I never thought I'd be. A Breaking Bad fan. The show is awesome. I'll get to The Killing for sure, but apparently it's going to take some time.

And can anyone say "House of Cards, Bitch"?

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